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BLOG : Behind the scenes

For the past 5 years I have been balancing paid work, and my drive to keep after this project. I love developing these films because it gives me an opportunity or a “license” as my mentor called it, to be creative, and go out into any community to tell a story.


I shoot mainly on Canon DSLRs, and use a wide variety of support equipment. (kessler sliders and motion control, glidecam, a mobile jib, and a whole case of Manfrotto tripods and arms). For the most part, I am a one man show. I will occasionally bring on extra shooters, but most of my projects are structured around the run-and-gun film style.


If you want to participate in American Portrait, or know someone who would be a a great subject, please let me know! Feel free to use the contact section of my website, or email me at


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